The USMA is a Vision for the Future of Healthcare

-Dr. Joe E. Whitaker
President and Founder


The United States Medical Association

Now, more than ever, healthcare needs a new national voice focused on the doctor-patient relationship and the United States Medical Association is a direct response to that need.

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The United States Medical Association

Promote and Protect the Doctor-Patient Relationship

Physicians and patients will have a venue in which to voice their opinions and have an entity of like-minded individuals deliver these concerns to the powers that will influence chage of government interaction in healthcare.  By joining the USMA, you too, will have an opportunity to have your voice be heard.  We strive to promote and protect the doctor-patient relationship through these efforts.

We are pleased to share all the benefits of becoming a member of the United States Medical Association.  Physicians will have access to new ideas and technologies that when applied will enhance the doctor-patient relationship and provide tools for professional growth and success.  Discount programs will be furnished for patient's optimal savings.

By becoming a member, you will find the tools to enhance your relationship with your physician or patient.  Thank you for visiting The United States Medical Association; it is our pleasure to provide these services for a brighter fufture for healthcare.

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Being part of this organization is your opportunity to improve the doctor-patient relationship and have your thoughts and opinions on healthcare heard at a national level.  Please continue to support the USMA through your membership and be part of this growing entity.  We will be updating all of our member benefits monthly.  Apply for membership now.

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